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English Grammar Courses

Modal and Semi-Modal Verbs and Expressions

Mark Evan
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Here is the class outline:

Week 1

The Basics

Modal Verbs: Sentence Structures, Video
Modal verbs: sentence structures, Article
Semi-Modal Verbs, Video
Semi-Modal Verbs: Article
Adverbs and Auxiliary Verbs: Video
Adverbs and Auxiliary Verbs: Artice
Other Modal Expressions: Article
Other Modal Expressions: Video
Week 1 Quiz

Week 2

* Obligation and Necessity (Must, have to, need, shall, will, should, ought to, be supposed to) * Lack of Obligation (don't have to, don't need to, needn't, needn't have) * Forbiddance (Mustn't, can't, couldn't) * Advice and Suggestions (Should, ought to, must, have to, mustn't, can't, may, might, would, can, had better)

Obligation and Necessity: Video
Obligation and Necessity: Article
Lack of Obligation or Necessity: Video
Lack of Obligation or Necessity: Article
Forbiddance: Video
Forbiddance: Article
Advice and Suggestions: video
Advice and Suggestions: Article
Week 2 Quiz

Week 3

* Permission (May, would, could, can) * Ability (Can, could, be able to) * Habits and Permanence (Would, used to) * Imagination (Would)

Permission: Video
Permission: Article
Ability: Video
Ability: Article
Habits and Permanence: Video
Habits and Permanence: Article
Imagination - Video
Imagination: Article
Week 3 Quiz

Week 4

* Willingness (Will, shall, could, be able to) * Promises (Will) * Threats (Will, might, would) * Requests, Inquiries, Offers and Invitations (may, would, can, could, shall, will) * Boldness (Dare)

Willingness: Video
Willingness: Article
Promises and Threats: Video
Promises and Threats: Article
Requests, Inquiries, Offers and invitations: Video
Requests, Inquiries, Offers and Invitations: Article
Boldness: Video
Boldness: Article
Week 4 Quiz

Week 5

* Possibility (Can, may, could, might) * Certainty (Must, have to, will, can't, couldn't) * Expectations (Should, ought to)

Possibility: Video
Possibility: Article
Present and Future Possibility: Video
Present and Future Possibility: Article
Past Possibility: Video
Past Possibility: Article
Week 5 Quiz

Week 6

* Certainty (Must, have to, will, can't, couldn't) * Expectations (Should, ought to, be supposed to)

Present and Future Certainty: Video
Present and Future Certainty: Article
Past Certainty: Video
Past Certainty: Article
Expectations: Video
Expectations: Article
Week 6 Quiz

Week 7

* Preferences (Prefer, would prefer, would rather, would sooner) * Counterarguments (May, might) * Idioms

General and Specific Preferences - Video
General and Specific Preferences - Reading
Preference Towards the Actions of Others - Video
Preference Towards the Actions of Others -Reading
Counterarguments - video
Counterarguments - Reading
Modality: Idioms, Video
Modality: Idioms, Article
Week 7 Quiz

Week 8

Final Exam

Final exam
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